Only in Lagos

Only in Lagos…

… Are seat-belts vehicular decor; in this case, external vehicular decor. While in traffic the other day, I noticed something hanging off the rear end of a danfo.

The danfo of discusson

The danfo of discusson

Upon closer inspection, I realised it was the buckle end of a seat belt!

Check that out

Check that out

We all know danfo drivers take special pride in their customised vehicles. It’s like a ‘Pimp My Ride‘ display on Lagos roads. It’s one car sticker, or slogan, or something, or the other. But this seat-belt-buckle-cum-car-accessory really took me aback – definitely the first I’ve seen of it’s kind. What do you think?

You can see it’s deliberate because another buckle has been placed on the other side in perfect symmetry 😀

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People define the city.


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